Saturday, August 22, 2009


This summer, I've been a very good girl, working on developing a portfolio in hopes of landing this biological illustration internship in California next summer. I've drawn several different animals all in colored pencil, and scanned them in Photoshop CS3 and edited them slightly. The point of the different animals was to illustrate how an animal is narrowed down via the different taxonomy used and how the black buck I'm focusing on is related to other animals. In case you're wondering, the large group is related by being even toed ungulates- meaning very basically two or four toed mammals. Anyway- check it out! I haven't inluded them all full scale, but here some are.

The top image will also be included in the portfolio. I did it to illustrate that I can use Illustrator (haha! ha ha! ha ... ha... ha...... ahem.) It's my pride and joy as far as my computer art goes.