Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revamped and Reloaded

In an effort to better define what clients can expect of me as an illustrator, I've redone Lancelot and Guinevere in oil. And it's better for it! Here's the two side by side. And now this painting is sitting in a corner with it's back to me. It happened. Moving on!

Before, Photoshop

After, oil on panel

This message brought to you by Cobalt Drier! The siccatif Emily discovered on this last painting that dries oil paint overnight, or even in an afternoon! And that leaves more time for going back into a painting, and time for glazes! Cobalt drier's satin-y gloss will leave you saying, "My goodness, why didn't I discover the stand oil/cobalt drier combination before? It's not too dull AND not too shiny!" Yes, we're sure you'll love Cobalt Drier. Find it at your local art store, or dickblick.com which always seems to be the cheapest art supplier out there!