Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Twilight Zone: It's A Good Life

I'm trying to expedite the process of creating a larger body of work with some pieces that are a little less time intensive than what I normally do. And so, with brevity in mind, I give you illustrated brief stories... from the Twilight Zone.

This first one is called "It's a Good Life". It always gave me the jibbilies as a kid. It's the one about the little boy who has powers that has cut his town off from the rest of the world (which no longer exists) and if something upsets him he will on a whim "send it to the cornfield". Anything! Cars, electricity, dogs, people. It's a creepy story, and I love how it resolves- but I'll let you see it for yourself if you never have.

Anyway, here's the little boy about to wish something (probably you the viewer) to the cornfield, and his frightened parents are trying to convince him not to. I like how it turned out! I think I'll do a few more of these. Don't worry, my cavemen painting is still in the works.

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