Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Postcards Are In!

I got the postcards in the mail today! They are true to color, and they look and feel fantastic. I can't wait to find 250 people to give them to! ( I may have ordered a few more than I needed to. Better to have too many available than to run out, right?) (P.S. See my awesome white couch in these photos? Believe you me, paint nor curry comes within miles of that thing!)

As far as the portfolios go....

Blurb's smallest page limit is 20, and I simply do not have enough pages. Game over. Do not pass go. K.O. So from there, I looked at some local printers.

I found a printer that was willing to print and bind my small order. Unfortunately, even with so few pages and such a small order, it still requires work to set everything up etc, so the price I was looking at was near $200 for a 8x10" portfolio, and 4 5x7" leave behinds. Then I asked for the price of just the 8x10", but it was still going to be almost $90. While that might be fine and good in another situation, I had already dished out almost $90 on nice postcards, so another $90 simply was not in my allotted budget for promotional materials.

 Now I'm on to doing this thing myself (as far as binding goes). Printing wise, I've seen Meijer do some good work (believe it or not!), and I'm told Staples prints and binds, so these are things I will need to look into- literally tomorrow because I am quickly running out of time! This is difficult however, as I don't often get out of work on time for these things. Yipes. And we'll see about their prices. Who knows? Maybe I would have saved money with Meijer or Staples, but lost out on the hassle of putting this thing together! I'll be sure to let you all know what I discover!

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