Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Dragon

Good ol' dragons. They are just so much fun to draw. Here's my most recent painting I did in time for Dracopedia's Winter Dragon Challenge and ArtOrder's Dragon Challenge.

I mean, he's pretty sweet right? And check it out, there are two men hiding out in a cave in the mountain. I think they're hunting for the super fine fiber the dragon sports to keep him a little warmer in his wintery climate. I wanted him to still seem carnivorous, but I also wanted him to feel like he belonged in a wintery climate, so I looked at big horn sheep when deciding his coloring. I think his design came out successfully! Process shots are below:

And here's my palette and studio area. Why on God's green Earth would someone work like this? With a palette that's itty bitty, and jars between me and my computer where my reference lives? I don't know. I really have to do something about that, haha! Wish me luck on the challenges. Hope you like this.

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