Thursday, October 22, 2009


For me, this picture means heaven. The leather brown sketchbook is the one I'm keeping currently, and when you hold it you feel like you're an explorer recording untold lands- however, I've almost filled it. The second brown one is the moleskin sketchbook I got as part of the ArtHouse Co-op's Sketchbook Project. Here is an overview of what the sketchbook project is:

Sketchbooks offers a glimpse into an artist's life, which is why we want to make a publicly accessible library of sketchbooks that people can browse, peruse, and check out. We think that this sketchbook collection has the potential to open a new line of communication between the artist and the viewer, since the experience of making and viewing are both so personal. Anyone can sign up to receive a sketchbook. Before joining our permanent collection, sketchbooks will be exhibited at select galleries across the US.

You can check out more about The Sketchbook Project here:

The red leather sketchbook is one I just bought in a store down the road from my hostel called Lo Scrittioi- I wish you could feel this. It is the softest thing, and it feels so great to hold it in both of your hands and just grip it. It's fantastic. I feel a little like I'm cheating on my brown adventure sketchbook because I haven't filled it yet, but it just feels so good, and I knew I'd have to buy a leather sketchbook while I was here in Florence. To my brown adventure sketchbook's credit however, it does have nicer paper, although I would be able to do little watercolors in the red one as well. My mom got me the brown sketchbook from a lady who learned how to make them in Venice actually. In short, I just wanted to devulge a little of my geeky artistic side and show you all what I really love to spend my money and time on.