Friday, July 22, 2011

Finished Stepping Stones and new painting

So here is the finished Stepping Stones piece! I'm going to let it sit me with me for a couple days and then decide if there is something else that needs to be done to it.

In the meantime, here is the next piece I'm starting. It's a Catalonian (Spanish) myth about a water nymph type creature who lives in fresh water and can turn water into blackbirds. Now, magical or otherwise, I have no idea why you would ever want/need to turn water into blackbirds, but it sounded like a cool illustration! This is a value study. But I'm telling you- I need a bigger scanner! It took me 10 scans to get the whole 28x36" drawing!


  1. Oh Emily! I am totally in love with the Catalonian myth design. It's stunning!
    And the stepping stone piece resolved very nicely. That leg is to die for.

  2. Emily---- I'm going to have to agree with Beth on this. Both are looking great, but I'm very excited about the new design!

  3. my god Emily... talk about massive improvement within a short time.. my jaw is hurting due to hitting the ground after going through 4 floors at my sisters apartment complex

  4. I really love the idea for the next piece,water=birds haha. Also the Nymphs gesture is perfect! The stepping stone piece really came together and I STILL LOVE THE COLOR PALETTE.