Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aloja - Day Three

Day three of progress from yesterday. One more session and she should be good to go. Sorry for the differences in color between days. One day it's sunny, one day it's cloudy, yada yada. I'm trying, and I plan to scan this puppy for perfection when it's done. This is fairly close in color, but perhaps slightly more yellowy green in the sky.


  1. By the way, because I took this shot a little haphazardly, I think the head looks bigger in comparison to the arms than it actually is. If you notice, her arms look a little too short, but I believe it is actually the slight angle of the piece itself when I shot the photo. Do I need a professional camera studio (er, lessons) or what?

  2. I'm still missing the wetness of the birds and water. In your initial sketch, everything just glistened with light... but I'm sure you're working your way up to that.

  3. Yep! Not to worry. Those are those last highlight details you can't wait to get to, but have to until the last step.