Friday, November 27, 2009

Channeling Franklin Booth

I forget how I stumbled upon this artist, only I remember that it was online somehow, and I remember wanting to rent a book on him through the CCS library, but that the library lost the book. In any case, an artist who I really enjoy and would like to learn more about is Franklin Booth. I believe his work is mainly in pen, and what I really enjoy is the large amounts of detail, but especially that he doesn't cross hatch with his pen lines, but rather creates chunks of parallel lines together, and then alternates their direction according to the planes on the subject matter. Here are a couple of my favorite examples:

I just think his use of line is so sophisticated and elegant. I just love it. So, here's a couple of my own works where I've tried to employ that same line technique. Obviously the need a little refinement in comparison to Booth's work- a little more attention to plane. The first is another imagined city, sort of a cloud thing, that will become a book, so there's a lot more to go yet. The other is a sketch of Dave that I did this morning while visiting the Academia here in Florence. I really intend to find out more on this artist, and practice more of his style in some of my pen sketches!


  1. nice work Emily, great to see a fellow Detroiter rockin!

  2. Look at the design of Franklin's work too! Everything has such beautiful rhythm and the variety in the grass is to die for! I love how you're so casual about drawing Michelangelo's David. So jealous. ;)