Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And now for something completely different....

Business cards! It's about time I had some, and they will come in quite handy when I go to ICON in a couple weeks in Pasadena. Won't you please let me know which of these you prefer? I'm leaning towards Anna Lisa, but I do like the clean look of the black buck.


  1. Anna Lisa best sums up your style and the pieces you've been working on lately. But I prefer the other contact info side instead of the tan border.

    Looks nice!

    If you are really set on both I suggest go through and you can print them up in the same package. The front images can be different but they all need the same contact side.

    Looking good!

  2. Despite it being my face, i like the deer thingy better because it does look cleaner. if you were going to do that, i would change the orientation of the card to vertical instead of horizontal, because the deer thingy is a vertical piece.

    and yeah, not a fan of the tan, stick to the b/w if you were to go with my face.