Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mayor John Henderson

Almost done! Just waiting for it to dry to make some final touch ups. I'd really appreciate any helpful suggestions/corrections people have. Here are some process photos:

Also, I'm extremely excited about my new studio space at the location where I'll be holding the show, the Ludington Arts Center! I get the space in return for volunteering for the Center, which I'm more than happy to do. Oddly enough, the Center is located in my old church before it changed locations, so I'm very familiar with the place (my studio is my old Sunday School room!). I have tons of space to actually move now! You wouldn't believe it, but before I was painting in my bedroom and I literally had to pull some Cirque du Solei moves in order to maneuver around with all of the stuff.

Next portrait and post will be concerning Dr. Bill Anderson, and that will be coming up over the weekend and beginning of next week. Also, early next week I will be posting something in our local newspaper to ask the public who they feel is important to Ludington, or who makes the city what it is today. The project is moving along at a good pace, and I just need to keep staying on top of it!


  1. Emily this is wonderful! You handled the shadows beautifully! I am so so so proud of you! Keep up the hard work, girl, it's going to pay off.

  2. Em, the painting is coming along quite nicely. Looking good! Your paintings in the student show looked really good. You're coming into your own. I'm looking forward to seeing your work this coming year. Keep it up. Congrats. Be sure to post some pics of your show. My, my, my... I wish my studio was that clean. Have a great summer.